Are you ready to create WILD Success, optimal health, happiness & fulfillment as a WILD Woman?

WILD Women Collective (WWC) is our unique membership that brings women together to learn MASTERY and EXCELLENCE in creating balanced Success.

Does this sound like you?

• Do you feel stuck, unfulfilled and know deep down there is more to life and what you want to achieve?

• Are you waking up filled with dread, living life on repeat and fed up of settling for less than you deserve?

• Do you compare yourself to others and feel, 'not enough?'

• Do you take a back seat in meetings and in life because you don't feel confident enough to speak up?

What if things could be different?

How amazing would it feel to get out of the 'I'm not good enough' cycle?

Creating commitment to embrace who you are, shining with authenticity. Building confidence and unwavering self-belief starts right here with WWC!

How would it feel if you were in powerful creation of your life, creating unstoppable success?

It's time to take back control of your life and career. Giving yourself permission to say YES to your dreams, earning more money and feeling happy and fulfilled all at once.

What would it feel like to lead with authenticity and inspire others?

Be seen, heard and understood both in and out of the workplace. Become a role model, inspiring others and breakthrough fears which are holding you back!

WILD Women in leadership deliver

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

Is it FINALLY time to uplevel ALL areas of your life and step into that WILD Woman you were always born to be?

WILD is on a mission to touch many lives in the Middle East in supporting women to RISE as leaders in the quest for gender equality. We want every woman to learn through the WILD movement, the valuable principals to creating WILD success, fulfillment, and meaning.

We have identified 4x key pillars for the all-rounded WILD woman:

- Leadership

- Wellness

- Self-leadership

- Power skills

Which is why we're soooo excited to launch:

WILD Women Collective (WWC)

WWC is a membership like NO other, designed for the all round woman. WWC is a powerful enabler, deeply rooted in the essence of community, a community that you can become a part of.

WILD is a movement geared towards Gender Equality and the ONLY platform that connects ALL women across the Middle East region.

WWC promises to give you EVERYTHING you need to create balance, success and the confidence to conquer your fears so you can THRIVE both in and out of the workplace.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join...


Monthly Themes

Each month we will deliver you content that will inspire you and provide you with practical guidance in that specific area of growth.


Live Coaching

Emma, Founder of WILD, as well as industry-leading guest experts will share their knowledge and advice with you once a month, LIVE.


Practical Application

With every content theme you will receive downloadable worksheets to ensure that the learnings create lasting impact in your life.


VIP Meetups

Exclusive WWC in-person meet ups, giving you the opportunity to network with other ambitious and driven members, learn, grow, and develop a strong foundation for future support and collaborations.


Bonus Savings

As a WILD Woman Collective member you will be eligible for discounts on all WILD events, products, and private coaching services.


Network Across Borders

The ONLY community platform that connects ALL women across the entire region.

Stay connected via our in-person or online events or our mobile app.

Join now...

If you sign up for the year in full you will receive 2 months FREE!

Our Founding Member rate of only 3,333 AED per annum.

Doors close 31st January! Don't miss out!

A succulent Wild Woman is one of any age who feels free to fully express herself in every dimension of her life”. What a great and appropriate quote! As women we possess so much power to inspire and influence; WILD is a great platform to do just that. Its amazing to see Women owning their creative power and I love the way WILD embraces and supports this. WILD is a perfect example of women coming together to show solidarity.”

Diane - Design Director - Gensler

I find the WILD experiences very insightful, learning the tools that are required for daily habits that improve my state of mind and ability to recognise negative patterns and change them immediately. Meeting like-minded women and feeling inspired is a huge part of this. Thank you Emma for creating a safe space to learn, grow, share and get motivated.”

Widad - Head of Design - ICE International

Having personally seen Emma take this bold journey [Creating the WILD network], I have been inspired by her every step of the way.

I most appreciate her authenticity and how she combines that with openness and her own vulnerability.

She truly wants women to grow just as she has grown into a true inspiration herself.

Richa - Head of Workspace - Ericcson

Still on the fence about it?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that if you put in the work you will get the results!

At WILD we are committed to transformation and the team is here to support you every step of the way.

We know that change can be hard and uncomfortable, so we've got your back. If you're struggling and need more personalised support, reach out to us and we can find the right way for you to get back on track and flourish on this journey. You are NOT alone!


What are the membership rates?

The founding membership rate is AED333 pm or AED3,333 pa - valid until 31 January 2023.

Normal membership rate is AED444 pm or AED4,444 pa

Is this only available to those within the UAE?

Not in the UAE? No problem. We will be hosting lot of valuable content online, as well as VIP days in your respective country! 

What happens when I sign up?

You will receive a welcome pack with your WWC portal login and a link to our private members facebook group.

You will receive an email at the start of every month with: 'Whats on' for the month with dates and times for your diary.

Are all WILD events and VIP days included?

WWC includes many valuable resources and guest experts sessions within the WWC members only portal.

VIP days, WILD events and all other WILD products and services are all discounted for WWC members.

How can WWC support me?

Our unique membership focuses on a 360 approach, giving you everything you need to create success and fulfillment, both in and out of the office.

Our members only VIP days will be amazing to network with like-minded WILD women and the WWC APP will allow you to connect with women across border.

When do membership doors open?

We open the WWC doors one a quarter and have a wait list between.

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